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This recent article from talks about the drawbacks of wearing sandals, even though they are really popular in warmer climates and during the summer in most parts of the world.

healthly-feet-(6.1)The common result of wearing sandals for any length of time? Blisters, raw skin, and achy arches. Sandals may be fun and fashionable, but they’re no friends to your feet — unless you know what to look for when you’re shopping for them.

Top podiatrist Stephanie Hochman, DPM of New York Podiatry, was interviewed at depth about these common problems and gave the interviewer this list of quality sandals that are both stylish and are supposed to provide adequate support for your feet when you wear them.

Whether you’re hiking a backwoods trail, strolling the boardwalk, or enjoying a night on the town, this list claims to have a sandal you and your feet can feel good about. This list ↦ Sandals that won’t hurt your feet of Dr. Hochman’s recommendations range in price from $30-$120 per pair, are attractive and mostly styles for women.

Although both the design and cushioning properties of the sole are more ergonomic for your foot than say something like an inexpensive flip flop, in each of these cases there is still the strip of bound leather between your toes, or binding on the top of your foot, that will eventually chafe and sometimes blister your delicate skin.

In addition, most of these styles are also not sun or moisture resistant or easy to clean. Anything made of leather will take time to break in and conform to your feet. And, all but two of these styles will flop sand or dirt up the back or your ankles and lower legs as you walk.

So What’s the Alternative?

Womens-Top-colorsToe Joez – toe loop sandals for men, women and kids are referred to in a variety of terms including “toe loop flip flops”, “flip flop toe rings”, toe loop shoes and toe loop sandals. This patented new sandal design from a centuries old style is quickly replacing traditional flip flops because they are amazingly comfortable from the first time you put them on. They don’t slip around when you walk or pinch your toes, ankles or feet. They’re also super easy to clean, lightweight, affordable and kid friendly.

Toe Joez sandals are made from a super durable synthetic material and not from leather, so they don’t fade in the sun or get stiff after they get wet and dry out.

Based in San Diego, California, Toe Joez sandals are changing the way people think about casual foot wear. Men, women’s, kids and retro styles – all value priced at under $30!