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healthly-feet-9.1Newer additions to the shoe scene are minimalist shoes. They aim to mimic the natural feel and mechanics of walking barefoot. Many podiatrists are not impressed, though. There’s no real support for your heel or arch and no shock absorption. Running in these shoes is absolutely horrible for your feet! In addition, with some brands, the “fingers” separate the toes, interfering with the natural walking position of your foot.


sidebar-slide(13)ToeJoez Footwear, a San Diego, Califonria based company, makes a special type ofToe Loop Sandal, a new twist on an old favorite that was around during the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. The patented design for all of ToeJoez footwear, created by owner, Steve Arnold, provides built in arch support similar to orthotic inserts and a comfortable look and feel perfect for your busy, causal lifestyle.

Toe Loop Sandals are the Flip Flop that doesn’t flip or flop. Although ToeJoes Footwear styles may not be quite right for the Governor’s Ball yet, they do provide adequate arch support and shock absorption, are super comfortable from the first time you wear them and don’t pinch or bind your toes or any part of your foot when you wear them. And, if that all weren’t enough, every sandal in the company is value priced at under $30 per pair! ↦  Check out styles for men, women and children

Unlike leather sandals, ToeJoez Footwear toe loop design is not vulnerable to sun, insect or water damage and is super easy to clean! Made from durable, synthetic materials, these toe loop sandals help define and complete your minimalist and casual look on hot summer days. For men and women alike, the toe loop sandal provides clean, simple, worry free and exceptionally comfortable warm weather footwear. Unlike flip flops, they make almost no sound when you move, don’t scatter dirt and sand around when you walk and don’t cause discomfort to your feet.

And, unlike gladiator sandals, there are no straps to fuss with or wear out. In Roman times gladiators would secure these straps up to almost their knees so the sandals would stay securely on their feet during battle.

There are many types of sandals available today including:


This sandal often has many ties that are strapped to the leg and hold the foot to the upper sole with a thick band that goes around the ankle. Gladiators wore this type of sandal when fighting. Today the style is perfect for dancing and moving about a nightclub. Don’t really need the sword or shield anymore.

Sport Sandals

Any sandal specifically designed for hiking or other activities. Most of the more “comfortable” sandals fit in this category. You will frequently see them being worn by men and students in the summer. These more casual sandals are not feasible for the office or dance floor.


So named for the sound they make when you walk, the flip-flop or zori sandal is loosely secured to the foot by means of a strap in between the toes. The flip-flop originated from the Japanese zori, which was formally worn with white socks. Flip-flops aren’t really a very durable or practical piece of footwear and are best reserved for the beach or around the house.

City Sandal

This popular term means a sandal that you would not take hiking. Effectively the opposite of a sport sandal. They are made for getting around town and some styles are quite dressy. Great sandals to wear to work.

Evening Sandals

An evening sandal is meant to look hot. Choose an evening sandal with a thicker heel if you plan to spend some time dancing. A thinner, more sophisticated heel is perfect for dinner and casual conversation with friends.

Special Occasion Sandals

This term usually applies to bridal sandals, but can refer to a dressier evening sandal as well. Perfect for dressier occasions and, of course, a wedding.


A flat sandal with a flexible sole and fabric upper. Good for a more casual office or an outing with friends.


A sling-backed sandal with a small heel and an upper consisting of woven leather strips. A more casual sandal.


A heavy sandal with a thick sole. The popular clogs on the market today incorporate a cork heel. Depending on the dressiness of the upper, these sandals can be work, dinner, or even dance appropriate.


A T-Strap comes up between the toes and hooks onto an ankle strap to hold the foot firmly in place with minimal coverage of the foot. Perfect for days at the beach or those first few days of summer when you want to get some sun on your feet. A casual sandal meant for evenings and weekends out, not generally something you’d wear to work at an office.

Toe Loop

The toe loop or toe ring sandal will keep the little toe firmly in place. Also a very popular style this season! Similar to the T-Strap, the casual nature of this sandal usually mean it is best confined to areas outside of the corporate cubicle. ↦ Check out ToeJoez Footwear super comfortable styles!


A wedge sandal sports a wedge heel, a heel that incorporates a thick sole capped off with a small heel. This is more of a style for a dress sandal, and one that is quite fashionable due to the pleasing shape of the wedge. As per the clog, the wedge’s suitability for a particular spot all depends on the dressiness of its upper. Wedges are frequently made into dressier sandals. There isn’t that much that is casual about them!